What we’re all about…

Thanks for visiting our site!  Although we’ve been customizing and designing for over 10 years, we’re just getting our website up and running.  Hard to believe?  Maybe….but we’ve grown over the past few years and now it’s finally time to make it easier for people to find us.

We are a very unique company.  From designing 3D models using SolidWorks to machining and welding in order to turn those designs into reality.  Ever have a broken “something” that is made out of metal…it could be steel, aluminum, stainless-steel….you know what I mean, that one part of an otherwise perfectly good product that if you had a new replacement part, you’d be happily on your way?  Well, we can help there.

Have an idea for some custom metalwork for your home?  Sometimes building something out of wood just won’t do the job.  Many times getting it made of metal will get the job done much better.

Our body of work is varied and customizable to your needs.  We have helped people repair docks at their cottages, designed and built ski waxing tables and home storage racking.  We have even assisted landscapers with metalworks for customers’ yards.